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Why is AMMO more comfortable than other compression shorts?
It’s all about the fit, feel and performance, baby!

AMMO is ergonomic, meaning it molds to the different contours of your body. Our shorts include a ridiculously comfortable pouch for your “crown jewels,” a High-Rise™ gusset to prevent chafing and extra stretch in the leg openings to support the beefiest thighs.

Don't forget our super-premium fabric shipped straight from Uncle Vito in Italy. This is some of the lightest, softest fabric you’ll ever touch. It’ll have you feeling like you’re going commando!

The fabric isn’t just for show, either. This stuff will keep you mad dry and kick funky odors all day long. AC often wears them for 3 days in a row when he runs out of clean drawls! 

These things are sick, trust us. Click here to learn more about all the work that went into these bad boys

What size should I order?
The answer here is always “it depends.” Our shorts have great stretch in the waist, so a lot of guys will fit multiple waist sizes.

AMMO shorts also have a High-Rise™ gusset, so if you’re tall and like a little more space down below, we recommend going with the larger size. Similarly, if you’re rocking monster quads or a big ol’ donk, you might want to consider sizing up.

For our shirts, a blend of height and chest size is your best bet. They tend to run a little small, so if you’re tall or packing boulders in your chest, you probably want to size up.

If you’re still not sure, just contact us and we’ll gladly help you figure it out!

I pre-ordered a product. When will I receive my order?
Products available for pre-order only all have an expected shipping date listed on their pages. If you pre-order a product, we promise drop you a line if the expected shipping date changes in any way. We’re in production of the shorts now, so unless Zeus drops a wicked thunderbolt on our factory we should be shipping on time.

You can learn more about our pre-order program here

What if I bought the wrong size?
Not a problem! We offer a one-time fit guarantee for all of our customers. If you’re uncomfortable for any reason with your first order, we’ll either replace it or issue a full refund. BOOMSLAM!

For the good of all customers, any subsequent orders require returned items be unworn in the original packaging (because trying on another dude’s underwear is gross).

Check out our full returns policy here

What’s the shipping policy?
Our standard shipping rate is $7.99 per order of $99 and under. If you order $100 or more you can get FREE shipping on that bad boy.

We’re still working out the kinks of our order teleportation system (little cousin Jimmy is kicking it in hyper-space with Baymax right now). Until then, everything ships via USPS and will typically be sent within 2-3 days of your order, excluding pre-orders.

You can learn more about our shipping policy here

Can I get a discount if buying for a large group?
Damn straight! Contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll hook it up!

Who's the team behind AMMO?
AMMO was created by a couple of football-playing studs. Ok, maybe one stud and his washed up older brother.

Jay, the old man, runs the day-to-day show. He used to play ball at Case Western Reserve before a successful run in the finance world. AC is the looks and muscle of the operation. He currently balls at a top D-3 school while working towards his Marketing degree.

Learn more about Team AMMO here and here