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Game Changing Athletic Gear! | I Am Alpha M

AMMO Athletic is "Game Changing Athletic Gear" | I Am Alpha M

I have talked about underwear to make your package look bigger, underwear that women find most attractive, going commando, and underwear to avoid. Well, gentleman, today the underwear I am going to talk about is in a league all of its own.

Want a pair of underwear that stays in place when working out... is like going commando ... and prevents chafing and odor!?

AMMO Athletic is THE underwear for all of that and much more. You have to put on a pair of these babies. They are the lightest and softest underwear you'll ever touch - these shorts are ridiculously sweet! I have never been more comfortable when going to the gym and hitting the roads running. They feel great, and I love working out in them. The support is out of this world.

AMMO Athletic Base Layers "feel great, and I love working out in them." | I Am Alpha M

AMMO's base layer shorts mold to the different contours of your body and feature a comfortable pouch and high rise gusset for your package. The special design prevents chafing and extra stretch in the leg openings to support the beefiest thighs. And most notably, you will stay dry and odor-free.

But don't just take my word on it -- AMMO has amazing reviews and feedback. The base layer shorts have a perfect 5-star rating from their Shopify store and have been acclaimed by some of the biggest names in fitness. 

Fitness Experts Are Raving About AMMO Athletic

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