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AMMO Loaded Base Layer Shorts Review | Break Parallel

This post originally appeared in the Break Parallel Blog

This is not a sponsored post and Break Parallel gets no affiliate payment from AMMO. We just dig these shorts and want to bring the best to our Break Parallel team.

The 1990's TV show Friends popularized the term "Going Commando" to refer to the act of wearing clothes with no underwear. If you struggle with finding underwear that fits well around your thighs, is appropriately supportive, and is comfortable enough to wear to the gym and the office, then "Going Commando" might seem like a viable option. AMMO Athletic has changed all this with their product line of Loaded Base Layer Shorts and Loaded 3/4 Tights.

As a bigger guy, 6'2", 225, finding underwear that doesn't ride up my thighs and bunch my crotch is a problem. AMMO Loaded Base Layer Shorts II don't creep up at all. They are smooth to the touch, like silk, with enough compression to keep them in place during a variety of activities. The material comes from Italy and the shorts are manufactured in the USA, so you get the best of both worlds. Whether wearing a dress suit in a business meeting, a bike ride commute, or heavy Olympic lifting at the CrossFit box, these AMMO Loaded Shorts stayed in place and I never had to pull them down or adjust them.

I also loved the support these AMMO Loaded Shorts provided. I have worn some compression shorts in which the phrases "Snub Nosed" or "Smashed" would accurately describe the state of affairs. AMMO Loaded Shorts are cut just for men. When you put them on, you immediately notice a pouch which securely and comfortably cradles your jewels. This offers the support necessary for running, box jumps, jumping rope and other activities. The AMMO Loaded Shorts really offer the best of both worlds, a comfortable pouch which secures your manhood without unnecessarily smooshing you down.
Since I don't recommend Men "Going Commando" for CrossFit, or any workout for that matter, we have to find solutions that are comfortable. The AMMO Loaded Shorts feel silky to touch and feel. They slide on comfortably and you don't notice them throughout the day. There are no seams in awkward or unfriendly places which would cause chaffing or discomfort. Additionally, there was cooling effect these AMMO Loaded Shorts offered which would reduce "Swamp Ass" and unpleasant sweating during your workouts.

In short, I love the AMMO Loaded Shorts, so much so that I am trying to find a reason to buy the 3/4 tights. AMMO has hit a home run with shorts that are comfortable, appropriately supportive for men, cool throughout the day, and prevent "Swamp Ass". I am 6'2", 225 and I fit comfortably in an XL.
AMMO Athletic is headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.


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