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AMMO Athletic | The Most Comfortable Athletic Gear Ever

Put Your #nutsonacloud™ with AMMO Athletic

Guys, when you’re working hard at the gym, on the court, or under the lights, the only discomfort you want is the result of your body reaching its limits, right?

Unfortunately, in today’s world much of the “performance” apparel we wear doesn’t live up to the same high standards we set for ourselves. Weak construction, low-quality materials, and a failure to support our “boys” plague today’s compression shorts market. It’s almost like brands have been so focused on how their products look that they forgot to think about how they should fit.

Changing the Game

AMMO Loaded Short Product Highlights

That’s why we started AMMO Athletic. We’re developing athletic apparel that fits, feels, and performs like it’s from the future. As athletes, we push our bodies to the limit every day. We need gear that can not only keep up, but also fit like a glove and provide support where it’s needed most.

Our first product, the AMMO Loaded™ men’s base layer short, was developed from scratch over nearly a year, and the work was 100% worth it. AMMO’s silky-smooth, super-light Italian fabric and ergonomic design will literally put your #nutsonacloud™.

We scoured the globe to find the best materials, worked with over 20 athletes to perfect our design, and partnered with a premier apparel manufacturer right here in the USA. These shorts are made to keep you feeling dry, cool, and supported no matter the situation. We’re so confident that we self-funded our entire production run and offer a risk-free Fit Guarantee on our products.

We’re bypassing traditional retailers to bring AMMO direct to you. That means you can get AMMO for essentially the same price ($34.99) as the B-rate gear you currently get from the mega brands. For a limited time, we’re even offering a $10 credit on your first order.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let your clothes limit your performance. Try a pair of AMMO and we promise you won’t look back while on your way to new PR’s.

Want to support AMMO Athletic’s mission to make your most mission-critical gear more comfortable? Click here to learn more about their line of compressions and other AMMO Athletic-branded products. Follow AMMO on Instagram and Twitter @ammoathletic, and find them on Facebook

This post first appeared in the Tabata Times.

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