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4 SET FRIDAY 6/2/17

It’s easy for every one of us to get so stuck in our day-to-day routine that we lose ambition to grow. That’s why I created 4 Set Friday, a rundown of the top fitness content I’m consuming this week.

These days, it can be tough to tell who out there genuinely knows their shit. So, regardless of your goals, age or ability, the tips, tricks and tools in 4 Set Friday are guaranteed by me to hook you with some grade-A knowledge.

Must Read Blog Article

How Often Should I Work Out? - Michael Matthews 

It's the question on everyone's mind. Unless you're a true iron junkie, most of us want to spend as little time in the gym as possible for maximum results.

Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to training. You have to align your goals with your routine and, ultimately, adjust as you learn how your body responds.

Whether you're training to build muscle or lose weight, bestselling health and fitness author Michael Matthews has a few tips for you in his most recent post on the Muscle for Life blog.


YouTube Video You Have to See

Finding Your Proper Stance For The Olympic Squat - Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics

Who better than the head coach of the USA Weightlifting national championship team to show you how to prep for the squat? Exactly.

As someone who recently resumed squatting after a few months off (hip injury), Greg's short video has been a great reminder of the keys to remember when putting heavy weight on your back.

Check out the video here.


Podcast of the Week

Steve Austin Returns! - Mark Bell's PowerCast

Any wrestling nerd from the 90's / 2000-era will thoroughly enjoy the two hours of gold in this week's PowerCast.

Mark and Stone Cold dig into his early life on the pro wrestling circuit, relive some of the high's and low's of his rise to superstardom, and discuss Austin's life after wrestling.

Click here to check it out. You will not be disappointed.


Quote I’m Repeating to Myself


“Life is a long lesson in humility.” – James M. Barrie, Author

No matter who you are, life has a harsh way of bringing you back to reality in a flash. Stay humble and keep pushing forward. It's the only way to achieve your goals.


What do you think about 4 Set Friday? Do you love it? Hate it? Either way, help a brotha out: share with it with your friends and/or comment below.



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Jay Cellura is the Founder & CEO of AMMO Athletic, makers of the ultimate athletic apparel. He is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University. Jay was previously an investor in the private equity world who left to pursue his passion for fitness and developing products that help others achieve their fit goals. Follow Jay on Instagram.

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